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Catalonia's Social Information System

Article 42 of the Social Services Act 12/2007 states that the ministry in the Generalitat of Catalonia responsible for social services has to set up a common, shared and shareable social information System.

The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families has initiated the process of creating the Catalonia's social information System. Promoted by the Secretariat General and coordinated by the Technical Office, is designed to be a common information system allowing the exchange of social information.

On this website you will find information about the development of the Catalonia's Social Information System.  

What will the social information System be?

  • A common, shared, shareable and coordinated technological system.
  • It will ensure data privacy and communications security in the exchange of information among the actors involved.
  • It will ensure the availability of information relating to benefits and the Social Services Portfolio.
  • A model of decentralization in the provision of data and their processing by government and Social Services actors.

What WON'T the social information System be?

  • A system that does not contain any of the agents involved in social policies.
  • A system that does not use a common language and unified concepts for all agents.
  • A rigid system, either functionally or technologically.

Attached documentation


Social Information System group at the eCatalunya

eCatalunya has an space about Social Information System, conceived as an instrument of support and collaborative work of the Network of Public Social Services Care professional groups.

Updated date: 14.07.2017